Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stitching News

Lets start with a little tooting for Princess Jackie's, most lovely, finished and fabulous, Elephant quilt. This is/was a free on-line pattern that I printed off a while ago and placed in a folder... I have many folders of patterns to inspire us quilters, of course Jackie has a lovely flair when it comes to choosing the right fabrics... not to mention her appliqué stitching.
And tadaaaa... the back...
Lots of us love to make beautiful backings for our quilts.
Jackie got it just right... cute, bright and... just lovely!
I hope you noticed the great quilting too...
New Sue's decided to finish off a few things before starting another project.
This quilt is one of a pair... the first was finished a loooong time ago... but Sue wasn't in the mood for quilting the same project again so it got put to one side. Sue happily admits that, for her, making two quilts the same... just wasn't a good idea. It's almost done now though.
Fran Cup Cake is quilting too... she's deciding what to do as she goes.
She wanted apples stitching in the light areas so, our resident artist Jean Bean drew one or two apples, just like that!  Fran chose and then traced them in place using a Sewline Air Erasable pen... once stitched the apples looked fabulous.
New Sue is a mine of useful information... when teddy needed eyes, she stepped up and showed everyone how to make French Knots, even customers in the shop wanted to watch!
This is Lovely Lyn's latest kiddie play mat style of quilt, it's another cutie!

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