Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Stitching News, With Tooting

This fabulous and finished quilt is Princess Jackie's, our first prize winning quilter... and it's well deserving of a toot-e-licious toot-etty-tooting fanfare. Just as well it is finished now because the baby came!!! What a beautiful design Jackie conjured up... 
This is the back, as we have come to expect,
 it's just as lovely and really shows off all of Jackie's quilting
Toot toot tootin again now, for Carol this time... She has her very own fabulous and finished quilt to share with us... finished on her very own, brand new Juki!!
This quilt was made using two Charm Packs
And all the leftover bits were used on the back with this lovely, lush green...
this was purchased from one of the Temptation Trolleys!!
I love what the ladies do on the quilt backs...
Annbacan was making a quilt sandwich with this Advent Calendar and as she did so we had hail, snow and rain and it was howling a hooley-looley windy outside... the customer service is wonderful in my very own shop... we even provide weather to suit your projects!!! Toot toot toot Annbacan.
Princess Jackie started a new project... her own design again
You can see it's going to be lovely already.
Jackie will tie all those ends off while watching the TV later
Fruity Rose is making a quilt from Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine...
what a very confusing pattern it is too...
but we sorted it, out in the end... at least I think we did 
Gail has been having fun making these sampler blocks.
10 done and two more to go.
Gail's using a Jelly Roll book pattern but cutting her very own 2 1/2" strips
What beautiful fabric choices!!!
My Batik Beauty just needs the borders quilting now... boy is it looking toot-able!! I had to move it to one side.... just for a day or two, I've been secret sewing again... It's looking fabulous but alas... it's just not share-a-bubble, sorry.

Tomorrow evening (Thursday 7th April) it an SPQ night... Staffordshire Patchworkers and Quilters here's the link to another new website they started it looks good and is quite up to date!

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