Sunday, 24 April 2016

Stitching News

Morning Josie added the lovely yellow inner border before stitching on this fabulous striped fabric... who would have thought that a half inch strip could look so good!! Me... I almost always need a little inner border What a cute kiddy quilt Josie made!!! 

Oooooh lookie, Loulou chose the same pattern, it's one of Kid's Quilts.
With softer shades yet similar colours for fabrics, they look s0 different...
Loulou's quilt will have three borders, inner burnt orange and middle blue-ish...
wait til you see the main border!!!!

Di Butterfly also chose an inner border, off-white-ish... which works perfectly to tie the main border to the Hexagon colours, which were from a free strip roll, not a Moda Jelly Roll, with a magazine subscription last year.

Margaret, even though she has two quilt sandwiches pinned and ready to be quilted and her Noah quilt ready and waiting to be sandwiched... decided to make cushions!!! Oh my word... her imagination is going off in top gear while the quilted stitching is laps behind... ever happen to you???

Barbie was very please t have come to the border adding part! She's against the clock with this project. Barbie's perfectly purple inner border was carefully chosen and stitched on before the neutral main border... see she's measuring the border through the centre of her quilt, top marks Barbie!

After enjoying making and finishing her beginner cushion...  As we never know how quickly this addiction is going to bite, we just know that it does! Barbara's already moved on to spot of  pattern designing!! 

Peggy made a little quilt sandwich, rather licketty-split, her shadow quilting was soon completed... before long the In The Ditch border stitching was done too. See that red inner border! just light up all of the other colours doesn't it.

New Sue came for Sandwich Saturday to get this beautiful sampler top pinned and ready for quilting. The design for which is still being thunk through.... but we can be quite sure and know it will be fabulous

My Mum Gwynneth grabbed a sandwich opportunity ... this is her third commissioned quilt. The lady was so pleased with the first two Mum made that this one was ordered too. The young fellow chose his own fabrics... the guy has talent eh!

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