Thursday, 26 May 2016

Tooting News

Lady Judith has been busy. this is fabulous finish number one...
A very pretty quilt and ready for gifting
fanfares please... toot toot toot
Left over fabrics pieced together to make a fun and fabulous backing too.
Do you you piece your quilt backings?
And lady Judith's fabulous finish number two...
This quilt / play mat is for a little boy baby...
 How cute are those elephants!! Lovely warm colours
The back of the elephant quilt... as you probably expected...
 all the fabrics left over from making the front, perrrrrfect!
Toot toot toot Lady Judith, both quilts are just fabulous.
Carol finished her new Holiday tote... how fabulous it looks too!
Bosal In R Form was used in place of wadding so it stands perfectly upright... all the time! Makower's Radiance fabrics look amazing. Carol used the Whimsy Bag pattern from Lazy Girl designs ... the very best and easiest to understand bag patterns I have ever used!!

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