Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Stitching News

Toot toot toot.... toot toot toot... A tooting fanfare for a fabulous and finished tooting train quilt, toot toot toot... If ever a quilt needed extra tooting!!! 
What a great way to use up the border print without purchasing metres too many, New Sue pleased her very own self... we love that! Is that Santa photo bombing? ha ha ha... I really only just saw him there.
And could there have been a better choice for New Sue's quilt backing? I doubt it...
Toot toot toot Sue... You made and extra tooting-able, fabulous and finished quilt.... It's on it's way to the USA... all aboard... ch, ch ch ch ch chooowooo

Gail really liked the design Sue used so she made one too.
We love to see the same pattern made in different fabrics... no trains for Gail though, and it looks so completely different... Gail chose to use two fabrics to make it easier... now that's using your 'noggin'!

Stop.... this isn't for tooting yet.... Rose has a little more 'free-wheeling' to do and the hand stitching on the binding but I couldn't resist a little preview of this quilt... Who would have thought that Moda William Morris fabric could blend so extremely well with a beautiful, and quite funky Batik fabric for such a modern quilt?

PM Pam, as predicted by my very own self, brought in her Farmers' baby quilt top, good and finished. We did a little pondering for the backing... some pattern matching was involved too... It's ready to be sandwiched on Saturday next

And there sits the top and the fabulous backing on the corner of Pam's table... It doesn't take Pam long to decide what to stitch next! She made a great start on the units for her new project... A beautiful Batik quilt with some very clever fabric placement... you will see it soon enough...

Did you say "ooooooh"
Jackie has been busy, making little 9-Patch blocks
 and a few tiny-weeny ones too.

Perfect.... Just what the Roosters needed
I cannot tell you how bright this quilt is... in real life that is.
Rose suggested we need not go on holiday any more... just sit next to Jackie's quilt and you will feel the brightness of the holiday spirit.. ha ha
It's Rooster Sandwich Time!

Fran Cupcake had the wonderful idea of adding applique Oak leaves to her Autumnal table runner... A little later there were Acorns stitched to the corners too This is a lovely project... Fran's going to/planning to keep this one just for her very own self!! 

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