Friday, 23 June 2017

Another Advert For 10%

You might be tired of me saying this (?) but I really feel that I have to tell you, confess, once again... 
Lots more fabric arrived!!! 
and there's another shipment due in later today!!! I am finding myself hiding when I see a delivery van arrive!! 
I even got Carol to sign for the fabrics that arrived yesterday! 
I think I am in denial, ha!
I have had to fill up not only one 'Temptation Trolley', 

but TWO 'Temptation Trolleys'... Yes 2!
More Bitty Bolts (Bitty Bolts = bolts with only small amounts of fabric on them) have been found/created and placed on the "Temptation Tables"
So, even though we emptied a lot of bolts already, the 10% off for finishing a bolt has to continue for a few more days... 
No wonder I can't sleep!!!

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