Monday, 19 June 2017

Quilty Quarters

Actually the picture was taken just outside the window of Quilty Quarters... which was wide open to stop me from melting!!  Can you see me in the shadow? What a beautiful weather weekend!! And we will continue to slowly melt for a few more days yet... fabulous! So, my Hidden Wells quilt borders are all on and finished for now... I have a plan for a further border but the scrappy quilt I was working on before will have it's borders stitched first... then if I have had enough of applique after that... this quilt won't be finished with plan A but finished with plan B... ha! Pleasing my very own self again!!! The picture doesn't show quite how bright this project is... the colours are all vibrant really... Alison Glass fabric plays beautifully with Art Gallery Fabrics!!!
I had more fabric delivered to my very own quilt shop... We are loving these alphabet panels with their co-ordination fabrics... all with lower case letters!!! As requested many times...

Q is for quilt!

More of the Scandi Advent panels came, I ran out you know!!! Nothing like a bit of festive stitching while you slowly melt!

2 of my customers have upgrades their sewing machines to the wonderful Juki DX7 so they are looking to sell their Janome sewing machines This one at £175.00 would be perfect sewing machine for anyone just starting out. It does and has everything you need... even the extended sewing table... As does the 607 model which is also for sale.

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