Sunday, 10 November 2019

Norma's Stitching News

Norma is at it again!!! Another bundle of fabric loot pieces arrived in her bag and another easy quilt was needed, to be finished Lick-etty-Split. Once again I came up with a simple design for Norma... I though it was foolproof actually as all sashing the pieces were the same size, silly me! Norma's first test block was perfect and she was very happy with the idea... she continued to cut for all the blocks, excellent job! Then I left her to sew the fabrics together... First block... one strip was too long so she chopped it off... even though she knew she had cut everything to the right size she still chopped the bit off that appeared to be too long... it was a bit that she needed to sew to the next bit!!! It's a good job that I won't write exactly what Norma declared as she realised what she had done!!!... and yes, my eyes are rolling upward... Oh how we laughed! She's got it now... this quilt will be done in time.

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