Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Stitching News

Lou Lou started this project quite a while ago... isn't it cute!! She lost heart mid way through piecing it though, as there are few typos on the pattern which made it tricky, so Lou put it away. It's out again now, the errors have been corrected, I was very helpful!!  After a little lesson on 'couching' Lou Lou got on with it and it's now ready to be sandwiched, fabulous.

This is one of Norma's "Cheap fabric Loot = Gifting Quilt, Lick-etty-split thank you" stories, I think this was number two of the four (or five) ... all things considered (ALL of them) I think it turned out quite well... Norma just has to hand stitch the binding, she can do that unaided, ha ha ha

Rose made up this very large cushion with her left over bits from the last quilt... (see previous post) You would never know it was left over bits though would you? It turned out rather splendidly... toot toot toot Rose, a fabulous finish.

Oh no... we just tooted Rose's fabulous and finished cushion and now we look at the photo of the back and see the binding hasn't been finished, Please join me as I rewind the tooting... toot toot toot... ha ha ha... it's the same backwards!!! I am amused.
There's a Wearable Sewing workshop with Carol on Saturday 30th, are you dressmaking??? Need help with the fit or the pattern??
Sunday 1st December is the last Sunday Funday of the year 2019. Chef says he's happy to take last minute bookings for lunch... Just saying!

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