Monday 2 December 2019

Stitching News

Kate is making great progress with her Quilt-As-You-Go project... in fact, I think by now it should be aaaaaaalmost finished. (I happen to know there was a planned sewing day yesterday) There's just the remainder of the apartment joining to be sorted, a bit of binding then Boom! It's a huge quilt, this is just one part.

Sporty Sue finished her wonky top... (Wonky blocks of course, the quilt top is perfectly unwonky!) This was a Layer Cake and the pattern's from one of the many books available these days. There's going to be a great backing made this week so a sandwich is imminent.

I really tried to get a photo that would show you all the little details on this Advent Calendar but it looks like I failed... Can you see any shiny bits? It's covered in bling, little tiny sequins etc? It's a fabulous and finished, and positively festive, Wall hanging Toot toot toot Jean of Bling Hill!!!

My Mum Gwynneth has decided to make new place-mats... She's always liked the Card Trick block as she loves how the bits all look like they wrap around each other. 6 blocks to make then a little bit needs to be added to the sides... we want rectangles you see. 

Nuttie was stripping all day.... We have a lot of ladies Stripping in my classroom these days, once they do a bag workshop with Lynda they decide to make more... like sewers cocaine!!!

Our Lynda is making a few smaller quilts to be gifted to charity. She's used an Eye Spy pack (from my very own shop) and was able to make two small quilts from the 30 x 6" squares that the pack includes.. Toot toot toot Lynda, that's a fabulous finish and you are very kind to be gifting it.
Lot's more pictures to come, timing is crucial though... there's a lot of secret sewing happening so I have to keep secrets!!!

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