Sunday 8 December 2019

Stitching News

Beryl is making a festive effort. She's decided to gift my very favourite, Bendy Bags. This is the first one finished, I think she needs 5 in total. The first one always takes longer with having to follow every detail of the pattern. Bendy Bags are very satisfying to make! Toot toot toot Beryl, it's a fabulous finish.

Luna Twearly was happy to find a few ladies were on holiday from class as it freed up enough tables to spread out her blocks to enable her to make a plan. Many more 6 inch blocks are needed, that was the plan decision!

All Day Di stuck on all the Snowmen details, hats, scarves, buttons etc, with Heat & Bond... the blanket stitching will be done during our Mini retreat, Diane intends to sandwich and quilt it too... let's see how that goes, ha ha ha

New Sue only needs three more beautiful Batik fabric feathers to have enough for her latest project, I think she's keeping this one all for her very own self! That's a novel idea eh, ha ha ha

Jean Bean is playing.... She's decided to stitch lots of quirky little details for her colourful petal-ly things... there's a fabulous plan in Beano's head... we will all see it soon, not too soon. ha

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