Monday, 9 March 2020

Stitching News

Gail started a new adventure. She made practice Snail Trails and a Star block, which has quite a few different names depending on which block book you use... They didn't prove to be too tricky so, I think Gail has decided to go for it. We changed the sizes of the blocks so as to end up with a slightly smaller quilt without losing the design... It's Shakespeare In The Park!! This quilt has been on my To Do list for ages, I purchased the book at least 15 years ago... It was a start!.

You won't find this project in a book!!
Merrily is off on another personalised quilt making journey. A few weeks ago, she brought in a fabric panel purchased by her daughter from 'Down Under'... How can I make this into a quilt?.. Oh that question... ha... It's how they all start!!! We had a Brainstorming session. Merrily went home with her head buzzing with good ideas. One week later and a few button pressings on her printer... she had a 'proper' plan... here we go!

Farmer Lynda has been working on this beautiful Batik project for quite a while. It's been Lynda's 'betweeny' project. The one she works on in between all the other projects. The one she stitches during retreats too. The borders are on and isn't it just fabulous. Sandwich time.

Our Carol enjoyed Jenny's Fabric Covered Book workshop recently. She continued book covering in class on the Monday after... I think she is going to cover every book from now on. Can you guess which book is for the sewing notes?

Christabelle is get the effect she desires, all these threads need to be sorted! It's one of those No Pain No Gain things. It would drive me nuts! I have to tie of ends as I go but Chris saves them up and sorts them in bundles... How do you work with ends and tying off?

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