Sunday 11 October 2020

Thank You Ladies...

Thank you ever so much to all of you who have sent project pictures or have popped in to my shop, with an appointment of course, to have photos taken.
My blog is quite monotonous without project pictures... I might have to take a few pictures of my meals soon!!! ha ha, don't worry... I promise I won't. Lentil soup is not that interesting anyway.

So here we go... I still can't quite get to grips with the way they changed how to do blogger posts, very irritating!

Rose made her sandwich at home, all by her very own self. 
She made a shopping appointment to choose threads and binding fabrics. 
We had a good chat about quilting possibilities too and Rose left all excited to get on with it.
Lick-etty-Split, a few days later, I received the finished quilt picture. 
Of course we can all raise our trumpets to give Rose a fabulous and finished fanfare toot toot toot. This is an original Rose design from her "Wing It" company! A gifting quilt for a very special new addition to the Fish family. 

Jean Bean is back to her sewing after months and months of neglecting it... She's one of the dedicated gardeners you've heard me grumble about, it's just not on to put sunshine and gardening before your stitching, ha! There's another baby coming in the future so Jean has to crack on. It takes ages to applique each delicate flower.

Luna Twearly is a gardener too. She was happy to get a little stitching done. She sent this picture to me a while ago. Lots and lots of Flying Geese units have been made so I suspect there could be be a border soon?

Sister Susie has enjoyed a few shopping appointments. Like all of the ladies who used to come to my very own classroom, Susie is missing the great advice and funny banter but has surprised her very own self with how much she has been able to sew without a safety net. This will be a baby quilt.

Farmer Lynda has been sewing for fun and also making face masks for her family. 
This Batik beauty though, is all for her very own self as it is Lynda's favourite fabric.

Princess Jackie finished this spectacularly cute baby quilt. There have been many French Knots to stitch and there was plenty of Faux Trapunto to quilt around

You can see all the quilting from the back which, as always, is a quilt in it's very own right. Toot toot toot Jackie, another fabulous and finished project, ready for gifting, which can't be easy after all that work!!

Ta daaaaa... Farmer Lynda has been making this beauty for over 2 years and now it's all done, she is questioning why? There have been many projects made by Lynda over those 2 years so I know why... Clue? New Grandchildren, 2 of them ha ha ha. It's a fabulous finish... toot toot toot-etty-toot.

Christabelle has been so busy. A friend is having a first grandbaby soon so Chris was commissioned to make this fabulous Baby Bag, complete with changing mat and a plethora of different handles and pockets and gismos

Look how fabulous the inside is with all those useful pockets, some with zips!! There's a lot of hours of work in this project with such great colours and fabrics... all from my very own shop I should add! It's all made with a printed pattern from ByAnnie.
Toot toot toot Chris, a fabulous and very useful finish.

Our Pam has been swamped with family Face Mask requests. These were made for a Joiner! Perfect and quite quirky don't you think?
Toot toot toot Pam, they are fabulous and, of course, finished.

That's all I have for this post. Now that the days are darking themselves earlier and earlier, maybe more sewing will be done. I'll post more piccies, if I get any.

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