Friday, 8 January 2021

Online Shopping?

Happy New Year everyone!
If you don't mind, and even if you do, I would like to talk about Online Shopping...
Love it?  Loath it? We have very little choice at the moment.
Personally, I'm not a fan and I know that I am not the only one. Choosing fabrics, colour and design, is very tricky online. I've spoken to a lot of disappointed customers lately.

I have a Patchwork and Quilting shop, did you notice that? My shop doesn't have online shopping options. I know... I know, I am probably a dinosaur... I like to think that I give/gave excellent customer service to my lovely customers, who mostly return because of that, not to mention the amount of stock I have for you to choose from!!
With all the Covid restrictions and lockdown months, my shop has barely been worth keeping. I have been very strict in only allowing shopping by appointment to keep us all safe and that has been very good, though it really restricted numbers.
Without online sales, my shop may not be able to survive. The fabric suppliers are on my case, they keep telling me to get online. I really don't want to. It's no secret that I struggle enough with Facebook, Messenger and Blogger, I'm such a computer numptie!!! Let's not even get on to how I can't even understand the TV stuff!

It is a fun addiction though, this Patchwork and Quilting malarkey. 
My shop was never about selling as much fabric as I could... It was always about enabling the addiction! Giving you as much choice as I possibly could for your projects.

So, after a few experimental calls, which have proven to be quite amusing and successful. I've decided to have a bash at helping you choose fabrics for your projects, and you would be able to help me by purchasing from my shop.
Video call Personal Shopping, by appointment! Excellent Customer Service!!! ??
Genius? Stupid? Fun? Whatever... I've already started!
I've had WhatsApp Video calls with customers, as recently as yesterday which were very successful. As I have to be in my shop to make this work, we need to do it by appointment, to make sure I am there for your Personal Shopping experience.

If you need fabrics or other Patchwork and Quilting paraphernalia that I stock, call me 07807530441 or email me  or send a WhatsApp message 07807530441 and we can take it from there.  We can decide on a time to 'meet' in my shop for your Personal Shopper Video Experience.


Unknown said...

Brilliant idea. Come on all you quilting ladies or even dress makers. Angie has a fabulous choice of fabrics and some fabulous Art Gallery designs for you to drool over. We need to keep our small businesses going in these exceptionally hard’s a win win, you can’t go anywhere so you may as well be sewing.
I am looking forward to hearing about all the fun times you can have on your video adventures.

Love Beano

Unknown said...

Come ladies let's keep this wonderful shop open don't forget you have to use it or lose it and we don't want to lose it xxx Sheila

Jen Woodhead said...

Genius, I love this idea. Just before the first lockdown I desperately needed fabric for a flamingo paper pieced pattern, and I sent it to Angie she picked me out some lovely fabrics and that worked really well so this will be amazing.

We can't loose our local quilt shop, I would be devastated :(