Thursday, 17 June 2021

Every Quilt Has A Story

There's the story of why we want to make the quilt.
The story of the making of the quilt.
There's the very happy story of the gifting of the quilt too.
Christabelle sent me a WhatsApp message a few weeks ago. 
It contained some very distressing pictures. 
Little granddaughter had found a pair of scissors!!! 
Chris was really upset and wasn't quite sure what to do.
There were lots of snips on the binding. 
Luckily, I still have this striped fabric in my stock so the binding was an easy fix involving a bit of unpicking and adding a new strip.

There were a few holes which are more tricky to fix... 
I had flashbacks to Joan The Shop with her Mice!! click this link if you dare!! 

I suggested that Chris make a feature of the holes... 
Maybe Blanket stitch around them or sew a little label on with a brief explanation, adding to the quilt's very own story... Chris popped to my very own shop, purchased a bit more striped fabric and went home to create and mend...
Isn't this repair job wonderful?
It's just a chapter, maybe a few of many but, hopefully, not with snipping involved.
Good Job Christabelle xx


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