Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Stitching News

 I'm happy to see some of us are still sewing and not staying all the time out in the garden. You know how I worry about gardening accidents now, HA!

Our Pam has been luxuriating on her lovely patio with a bit of Big Stitch Hand Quilting. This project has been in the quilting stage for a while, couple of years or so actually, but there's no rush so long as Pam is enjoying it, which she is.

Dora has moved on to another baby project. 3D teddies ears are so clever. 
I imagine baby will play with them, when it comes, fiddley-diddlies.

Another long term project belonging to Our Pam. 
Hexagons... lots of folk stitch hexagons... not always with a particular plan, just because they can. Now Pam is making lots of quilt plans, 2 or 3 quilts worth of hexagons have been made so it's time!

Farmer Lynda made a knitting bag for gifting.
 A lovely idea and in beautiful poppy fabric.
It's a toot toot toot-able, fabulous finish

Dora has worked fast. All the applique complete and the quilt top is ready to be sandwiched, I think. We will see whether any border treatment happens, she's a dark horse is that Dora!

I'm sure you can tell this post has been written in rather a hurry...
I'm off to my shop now. I'm expecting a huge Delivery of 27 metre rolls of wadding.

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