Sunday, 3 October 2021

Bits & Bobs

Not so many photos have been taken this week, I've been quite occupied with all the deliveries. You can get into my shop now though, I have cleared a pathway through the boxes. More new books are due in next week, and a few other little things... Like a-blooming-nother roll of wadding!

I sometimes save fabrics for customers, especially when they're not sure about quantities needed. Now, normally I would put a little label on the fabrics to say who they are saved for and for how long I need to wait before putting them back on the shelf for sale. 
Obviously, I either forgot for these fabrics or the label has fallen off and gone missing.
It was over 2 years ago that someone asked for these fabrics to be saved. Not a normal 2 years though, I wouldn't have saved them for that length of time under normal circumstances, but as it was Covid Lockdown for my shop, I've waited. 
It's time now to put them back on my shelves (not that there's any space on my shelves!) but I want to give whoever it was the opportunity to say whether they still need the fabrics, I would hate to spoil a project. So I will wait until next weekend. Was it you? 
I've had this photo sent to me, Farmer Lynda is Wrapping her Pot Cord ready to make a Pot on our upcoming Cromford Sewing Retreat. She's been busy cutting strips anything from 3/4" to 1 1/4" wide so had plenty to go at.

This is also Farmer Lynda's work. I have quite a few folk making this lovely Christmassy panel and they are all making great progress. As the longer darkness hours draw in, we are all aware it's very soon going to be Sewing Prevention Season!

As I mentioned, it's soon going to be time to pack our sewing projects for the Cromford Sewing Retreat. I started these borders back in 2017 at a Westhope College Quilting Retreat, so much has changed since then but they need to be finished and stitched to the centre, I've forgotten the original plan so I'm winging it!

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