Monday, 18 October 2021

Preparation, We're Off

During our last Quilting Retreat, back in March 2020, people were messaging us about 'The Covid', about the 'Loo Roll' and shelf emptying situation in the supermarkets... we thought they were crackers, we were oblivious to it all as we don't really pay much attention to the news, we are on our jollies!!! We were in a little quilting bubble having a wonderful time.
At the end of the retreat, we booked and paid our deposits for the next retreat in September 2020.
Obviously, when we got home the reality hit us all... such a strange feeling. 
Then Lockdown happened... you know how that went!
So many of our little 'Bubble', including my very good self, have had life changing things happen since then, not all Covid related.
Thankfully, here we are at today, October 2021... finally we're off to our favourite place once more. Not all the same Bubblers will be with us, life does get in the way, but a great group none the less. Fun will be had and laughter, there's always laughter, is a great tonic, boy do we have a great time.

It's always tricky for me deciding what to take to sew.
I always TRY not to start a new project, ha!
So this weekend the packing, cutting, prepping, sorting, deciding and organising all got done... there are 4 new projects!!! Shhhhhh.... I know right!!

I cut this lot last weekend, little units of Churndash blocks

15" Churndash block inspired by an internet search
 which I'll tell you about when we get back... 
I need to get permission from the quilter who inspired the project first

I couldn't resist sewing one set of units together
It took all of my will power NOT to sew any more
It's going to be a fun retreat project

These aren't sewn, just cut and placed on my design wall, That sounds very artsy fartsy doesn't it. It's a brushed cotton sheet held up with sticky Hook And Loop tape, with a Clover design wall stuck to it (which they don't seem to make any more) I'm a make do genius!!!

Right, I have to load up the vehicle now, it's nearly time.... 
Heigh hoooooooo, heigh ho... it's off to work I go...

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