Monday 7 September 2009

I Found Quilty Friends!

I am back now from my quilty meeting. I think I will like it there, they seem to be very nice ladies and I was on my best behaviour, tee hee. They are organising a quilt exhibition and this is the poster with the details... you needed me to tell you eh! 'Tis a little obvious....
I volunteered to help on the day and I have advertising posters to deliver to various places about the town.... the ladies said I can go back to the group again! So.... now, counting the lady from last week, I have 5 probable quilty friends.... siiiiiiigh.... now it feels better!

I had spent a good chunk of Sunday preparing a portable project to take with me, just cutting out the pieces for an applique wall hanging... I didn't do any of it... they are a chatty bunch... perfect!!

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Birte said...

Hi Angie
I am glad you found some "quilty friends". That makes life a lot easier. Love Birte