Saturday 3 October 2009

Staffordshire Patchworker & Quilters

Oh my goodness.... it was sooooo wonderful on Thursday evening, even though I came home with my head spinning so fast.... and to top it off..... I couldn't flippin sleep!!
I arrived good and early because I wanted to sit right at the front.... I got the best seat in the house (church hall actually). The meeting started with a few announcements and 'show and tell' This quilt was a group effort and it's fate has not been decided yet... I offered to take it but... hey ho, they didn't give it to me! tee hee
This quilt was made from 'jelly rolls', not that we need to buy jelly rolls to make it, any 2 1/2" strips would be good too....

this is the back, so you can see the quilting, at least I hope you can (click on it maybe you will see better bigger) because this is what the ladies of Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilters call "Credit Card Quilting"!!! ha ha ha funny...... do you get it?
This is Ineke Berlyn, the lady responsible for my spinning head and sleepless night! she looks quite harmless doesn't she? oh no.... I am a ruined gal now! I may never sleep undisturbed ever again..... ha ha ha, oh... the plate of biscuits? that's Maureen being a helpful (?) hostess, we should have sent her to the naughty corner eh!
This quilt was one of my favourites, it's nothing like the others and is a very long term project that Ineke mislaid a long time ago, it is still needing some hand quilting... now she found it, it might get finished.
I'm left a bit speechless from here, and that doesn't happen to me very often!, Ineke told us how she made this project, she sewed some pieces together, slashed them through... this way and that, sewed again, stuck the shiny bits in... easy eh!!!
The picture doesn't show you how brilliant it is, and my photo is good....
She had made the most fantastic journal covers for her brilliant and very inspiring journals..... this in only one of them, I have to make one, I want one!!!!
and... I want one of these too.... a Landscape Quilt.... there are workshops for these, so I can make one for me!!!!! and I am going, I booked it!!!
oh...and ...oh I love them, love the colours, love the quilting, love the size... love them, love them.... do you see my head,,, starting again... oh spinning, spinning...... it's only 54 days 'till I can make my own, he he he, better not make my sandwiches just yet!


Gina said...

Now to make you jealous. I went to an Ineke workshop to make the landscape quilts. Be warned you'll make one and get the patterns for quite a few more. You'll really enjoy yourself

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Vloggerlyfe said...

These are very nice. Whitney's Random Ideas

Dottymo said...


The site is fantastic. Reading it has made be breathless. I learnt so much in Uttoxeter on tuesday and made many new friends.
see you all soon