Tuesday 20 October 2009

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Great progress was made today. Both Lizzie and Maureen finished the centre of their Rail Fence table runners. Here they are cutting fabrics for their borders. They left with homework, to finish sewing on the borders and to prepare the backing. Next class we will make the sandwiches and get cracking on the quilting.
Jenni joined us today, just to see whether she wants to try machine piecing projects as she is already a hand quilter. She got in some good practice cutting with the rotary blade, ruler and mat.... a hamster would have been very happy in this little pile.... he he he. She watched everything very carefully and says she will catch up with the other ladies for the next class... Which is Tuesday 3rd November 10am to 3pm

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Anonymous said...

I would so very much love to come to these classes as I have only been quilting since July but unfortunately I cannot make daytimes due to other committments. Are there any other local classes that perhaps are an evening or weekend? I only live half an hour from Uttoxeter and am delighted to find classes locally as I know of no one where I live who quilts :( It's great to find another quilting blogger who is in the locality!