Monday, 27 December 2010

Back To Normal?

Binding done by machine...very quick to do, though a little fiddly, especially doing the mitred corners... it will take more practice to get them perfect. I'm showing you the two good corners you see... the other two are rubbish... but done! Binding by machine really doesn't look as good as when it's stitched by hand, in my opinion, but for sure I will do it again in the future, later today in fact... "a finished quilt is better than one on the binding pile!" oh, and it's snowing again here, what a blooming shame that is... I'll just have to have a Snow Day Sew Day!....... yeeeeha!!!!


Maggi said...

Snowing heavily here too so as I can't get out to get replacement printer ink I will just have to sew - aah. Lovely colours in the quilt. I like the feeling of hand binding, have never managed to do a good job on the machine anyway.

Highland Monkey's said...

The colours on your quilt are lovely. We were snowed in for two weeks, so plenty of crafting done that was the only upside!