Thursday, 2 December 2010

Quilty Quarters

If I had known I would be FORCED to stay in my Quilty Quarters for so many days I would have started a rather fabulous project, one from my ever growing list.... but not knowing... I decided to make something quick and simple as a quilting demo piece, a lap sized quilt.
Those of you who know me will probably be shocked with the fabric choices.. believe me, I am too... and it won't happen again. I have never, ever before made a quilt with all the fabrics chosen for me, you know what I mean? a fabric line that the manufacture says 'go together', it's nothing to do with the fact that these are Moda fabrics... it's the "matchy-matchy" that I don't really get on with, I actually really like these fabrics, I just don't like them all in the same quilt... anyway, I am almost done with the quilting and today we have been forced into, yet another, "All Day Snow Day Sew Day"
This is the view from my window yesterday morning around 10am, it continued to snow for the rest of the day and was still snowing when I retired to bed last night. It's still snowing now.. but very light dusty stuff.... I hope I can get out tomorrow, I would hate to cancel another Quilt Cave meeting.

I hope you noticed that the SPQ Christmas party has been cancelled for this evening, did you make your 4" gift, he he he I didn't get round to it... now I'm pleased rather than feeling guilty! wooo hooo


Emma said...

I totally agree with you about matchy-matchy fabric lines. I've still never done a quilt with a whole line of fabric. I do scrappy quilts mostly, and my fabrics are sorted by color, not the fabric line.

Nata per sognare said...

Hello Angie,
Your quilt is fabulous, very romantic.
How much snow is where you live,
very nice.