Saturday, 4 December 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Everyone was late, most for having to dig their cars out, but we almost had a full house in the end. The hall is having a few boiler problems at present, with temperatures of -14 degrees, I had told the ladies to be sure to wrap up... Well.. Maid Marian came in her dressing gown with a thick fluffy scarf and a hat, a Christmas Turkey hat! See the little guy on the table... he sings and dances, In this picture Maid Marian was dancing with him.... oh it was soooooo just had to have been there, Marian is such a good sport... Not a bad quilter either, it has to be said.
Shirley Lerly finished her huge quilt top and had pieced the backing so was desperate to get to the Hall to make a sandwich. Two and a half metres of wadding, she's using the wonderful Cream Rose, it's so very soft and luxurious... the quilting design is decided... could this be finished before the holidays?
Wendy made this project with the apartment method. Each row was quilted first then they were all joined together. This quilt was meant to have corner triangles but we all agreed that it looked great without them... so Wendy can get straight on to the binding.
Joan The Shop only needs to finish 9 more Daizies for the bottom border, that thin yellow inner border is perfect, don't you think? The backing is a pale lilac gingham with tiny daisies and I would put money on it that we will be making a sandwich next time! Joan's next project is waiting and needs to be completed for Christmas.... no pressure eh!
Maid Marian finally settled down to quilting. Any mention that someone was cold, she shouted up "I'm Not Cold!" she looked so cosy all day. Anyway, she did finish quilting all of the black rectangles so only needs to sew a couple of lines in her borders, next time we will all learn how to do Double Sided Binding, what a treat!
Last week Wendy showed me a tiny picture of a quilt that she liked. I doodled around on paper, roughly figuring out how to make it then we played with a few fabrics choices... This week the top and a pieced backing, done! In no time at yet all another sandwich was made...
Kate finally put the finishing borders on her Jennie Rayment project so she was also able to make a sandwich. We had a mini meeting to decide how best to do the quilting and she was off... She is very happy with how the quilt turned out, even though those Flying Geese refused to play nicely... they look fabulous!
Lizi had also done a lot of homework, hundreds of half square triangle blocks and hundreds of brick blocks. Next time she'll need 4 or more tables all to her very own self as we decide how to put all the pieces together! That's the arty farty fun part!
Dotty Maureen was very late joining us... she had to wait for a Green Flag man to help her get to us... her car refused to start you see. The best bit though, is that she arrived at lunchtime with a big pile of hot chips to share. Earlier Helen had been out to fetch hot pies, so we didn't half have a hot feast for lunch!

We had a great day after all. Lots of sandwiches were made which is proof, me thinks, that we have all quite enjoyed being forced to stay home sewing!!! I had thought that the ladies were missing me... alas, twas the tables they were needing... Oh how we love the tables in our lovely hall!!
We meet again next Wednesday 8th December 10am - 3pm and after that on both 15th & 17th, we haven't decided about the 22nd yet, he he he

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