Friday, 10 January 2014

Getting Ahead & Tooting

Lots of us are planning to be more prepared for the next sewing prevention season... a little bird tells me it's going to be about the same date as the last one, so I am predicting that it's going to be from about 24th December to about 2nd January 2015!!! You have been warned, he he he
I was quite amazed to see how many ladies have already decided to get ahead... or, are they finishing off the 2013 projects... you decide if you want to, does it really matter? Of course not there's always another sewing prevention season round the corner!
Preparing the handles for 6 gift bags, getting ahead for sure.
Beautifully quilted with Metler metallic thread, 5 bags to go
Little labels, 100's of them will be done in good time!
Toot Toot Toot for Dam Julie...
She was able to gift one Christmas quilt to each to her lovely little kiddos
and they were absolutely delighted with them.
These are double sided quilts for 2 girls and one fellow
but Julie suspects that the Christmas side will always be on show!
What wonderful gifts!

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