Wednesday 17 June 2015

Fabulous And Finished

Morning Josie finished her lovely applique Poppy cushion so the fabulous and finished fanfares should begin... toot toot toot. I have the most wonderful moda Linen mix fabric in stock and it makes the most luxurious cushions, of course you can make other projects with it too... but you know I love a new cushion!!! Linen and Batik... all topped off with beaded embellishment Josie?... fabulous!!!
This is Jean Bean's fabulous and finished quilt... toot toot toot
It's called Alfie's Bunny and is Jean's very own design... she made it to enter into this year's Uttoxeter Quilt Show... hours of accurate piecing for the Log Cabin background... did you notice that? Bunny is so cute that you may not have you see...
Oh... and looky-look at the back... it was ever so tricky getting Alfie's Bunny in the exact and perfect position to match his front... and that little ball of softness stitched there for the tail is very touchy-touchable! A truly fabulous finish indeed!
Christabelle finished her fabulous Winnie The Pooh quilt...
Another beautiful quilt for gifting and, I have to say... this one was made Licketty-Split... not because there was a hurry but because Chris loved working on it...
Just as well because baby did come early!!

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