Sunday 7 June 2015

Please Help Me??

I am in another space pickle!!!
I've gone and done it, just like before... New fabrics arrived every day last week so I've had to get the terrific trolleys out again... they are all over the shop
"Trip Risk!!"...
there wasn't another option.... well, I could have cancelled all classes and used the tables for displaying fabrics but, I'm just guessing... I would have been a little bit unpopular!!! ha ha ha. Now, just to make matters worse... I've had notification from two other suppliers that 'my goods have been shipped' and will be arriving tomorrow, Monday... ahhhhhh, there's no room on the shelves!!!
I don't want to do this, I love having too much fabric for you all to choose from... but I have no choice... Starting tomorrow, until I have enough places to put all of the new stuff, there will be 10% taken off the price of the fabric when you empty that bolt.
In the mean time, I'm re-rolling some of the fabrics onto smaller bolt centres... with the help of the lovely J team ladies... those companies that send fat bolt centres are causing the work! they look great on the shelves, I know that... but I don't have the luxury of space to leave them on those fatter-chunky-doo-dads.
There are quite a few bolts with very little fabric on them, you could bag-a-bargain, come on over!!

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