Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bendy Bags Plus!

 No, I haven't made three Bendy bags, not yet anyway! ha ha ha
It's just three pictures from three different angles.
I'm still  finding that I get enormous pleasure in making them... even after all that I have made previously.
There's a large triangle of wadded fabric left over from making each Bendy Bag.... it's the bit you cut away to make the "Bend"
I have made small purses with them. Coin purses.
Coasters... and now...
Look look look
I used the triangle as a template for doing Quilt-As-You-Go Bendy Bags!! It's a bit silly really because when I did the 'Bendy Bit' I still had the triangle left... all over again, ha ha ha
Maybe I should call it the never ending triangle Bendy Bag?
I am very please with my 'zip putting in' skills now so I might venture into something a little more challenging.
Doesn't this lovely.. and made from spare strips, Bendy Bag look very comfortable and cute next to the great Juki Beast.... All of Juki's feet will be kept in the QAUG Bendy Bag... but first I will take it to my very own shop tomorrow so every one can see how very happy I am with it!!!

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Sue Wild said...

I like the bendy bags, is there a tutorial to link to?