Monday, 20 July 2015

My Mum Gwynneth Can Free Motion!

This is what My Mum Gwynneth worked on during our recent retreat. She had prepared all of the fabrics and most of the background before we went so it was mostly the applique she was doing. She enjoys doing the blanket stitch... she was OK with the raw edge stitching with straight stitch
But, after sandwiching it when we got back... panic set in, ok, well... maybe not panic exactly but... the veins on the leaves were a bit wiggly and she wanted them just like the picture in the book so... on went the darning foot and away she went!! Didn't she do a great job!!! They do look just like the ones in the book!!
She continued and will continue to free motion embellish/quilt her leaves and, after seeing it here, she will see how good it really looks, maybe she will say I CAN DO IT.. and we might see more beautiful floral wall hangings?... lots of ends need to be tied and threaded through... but that's no problem when you can free motion embellish and quilt, is it Mum? See... You Can Do It!!!

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Doug and Frankie said...

How pretty is that? Mum Gwynneth did an awesome job! Love how the one blossom pops out over the border too.