Sunday, 19 July 2015

Stitching News

PM Pam came to shop... lots of people do that but, I don't take photos of everyone's shopping bag! Now, apart from the fact that the bag is lovely, the Art Gallery fabrics are fabulous and the workmanship is great... Look at Pam's buttons!! I sell Prym self cover buttons so your tiny scraps can make beautiful buttons to match any project... just like Pam's!
Kate arrived with the pile of fabric she purchased last time she came to Friday Quilt Club... She cut, she sorted, she stitched... she purchased border fabrics, cut, sorted and stitched... A fabulous quilt top in just one day!
Kate's Lynda is having a Bendy Bag bonanza... She's making lots of them and is determined to get the pattern and method fixed in her head. I love this this purple fabric (yes I have it in stock!) with the red zip, don't you?
Sporty Sue brought this project to Friday Quilt Club to choose the perfect binding fabric... of course we had just what she needed! It's on and some of the hand stitching is done too, just a few more miles to go! I'm thinking of doing this festive table topper as a workshop in the Autumn.
This is a quilt top made by Kate's Lynda. It is rather lovely, I will admit that... but I don't want to talk about it any more as none of the fabric is from My very own, beautiful, and extremely well stocked, Patchwork and Quilting shop... ha ha ha

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