Sunday, 17 July 2016

Stitching News With Tooting

Our Sheila's fabulous and finished quilt toot toot toot
Made with scraps from her main Batik Beauty... if you don't remember it here it is

There were a few scraps left for a panel to be added to the backing as well making the whole thing co-ordinate perfectly... and it feels wonderful to boot! Toot toot toot-etty-toot Sheila, a fabulous finish, fit for a fanfare for sure

LouLou finished her two cushions toot toot toot...You don't have to be a beginner to love making these lovelies...With beautiful soft and luxurious Art Gallery fabrics and the covered zips on the backs they are completely fabulous!

Margaret will require two, toot toot toot fanfares with, no less than, Two fabulous and finished cushions. The centre is a panel purchased from who know where on tinterweb but we made it look Great as a cushion didn't we!!! 
This is number two cushion for Margaret... made with panels from the Makower range. This was a little trickier to deal with it starting off as Rectangles... both of These fabulous and finished cushions will be gifted.

Norma finished her beginner cushion, complete with a covered zipped back and already planned to make another to co-ordinate with it... toot toot toot Norma... your first fabulous finish!!
Princess Jackie will be quilting for a while now as she made two quilt sandwiches at the very same time... babies are popping up all over the place!!!

Princess Jackie's second sandwich... you're probably thinking that Jackie never sleeps? It doesn't seem much more than a week since the pattern for this cutest of cute projects arrived in the post and now it's almost done!!

Claire Sainsbury's popped onto the Moda Bakeshop Website, put Jelly Roll into the search thing and chose this great design... it was super quick to make too, so it might be ready for this coming Christmas... but I have nothing in writing!!!

Sporty Sue spent her day quilting with the Big Stitch and Perle method... A very relaxing day with all conversation leading to giggles... as usually happens when a group of stitchers spend a day together.

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