Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Stitching News

You will need your trumpet!!
 Fran Cupcake's lovely vintage-y quilt, fabulous and finished... you know what that means... It's toot toot toot, fanfare time!!! Fran is donating her lovely quilt to a hospice. She was so pleased to see all the beds/people there had quilts and we quilters do feel we can express our gratitude and appreciation by giving quilts!!

And the sands of time have begin to trickle through Jean Bean's fingers...
 she's gone into a higher gear... she says she works best under a little time pressure and boy does she get a move on when she needs to... side setting triangles, corner triangles, lots of sashing strips and corner stones... they are all in place! 
This gifting quilt might very well be finished on time!

New Sue,  almost at the end of day, when we were all just about ready to melt! spied the opportunity to use lots of tables to make big decisions... which block go where? and how many more sashing strips and corner stones to cut... and biggest of all... 
Do I have enough fabric?

PM Pam is having a lot of fun making these blocks. They are from the book A Year In The Life Of Sunbonnet Sue by Chris Porter and there are lots of quirky little elements to the designs.Each fabric carefully chosen... yes, Pam arrived with a list of fabrics that she 'needed'... we found them all in my very own shop!

The is what Princess Jackie was doing all day... Cockerels... oh those colours!! Jackie says she loves to tie off all those ends while suffering the TV of an evening... proof that we too could learn to love doing it if we did enough tying off and threading through... ewwwwk!

Oooooh... something a little different now, from our Tuesday Rose...
Giant Wedding Rings that look like eyes!! This is looking like one very lick-etty-split quilt to make... It only needs four blocks.... I will keep you posted as it happens... if I can keep up with Rose.

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