Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lesley's Quilt

A lady customer came to my very own shop a while ago (though not such a long while ago) in search of a special project.
It's tricky to choose a pattern as they are all so very cute, Lesley chose this Kids Quilts pattern.
Next she chose lots of fabrics to play with, with a little help from our rather wonderful Jean Bean and off she tootled happy with the project idea ahead...
She came back this week to show us what happened...
What an amazing kiddie quilt! What a clever idea to use the applique pattern twice in opposite directions... it is very inspired!! smart and rather thrifty too.
You know I love a pieced backing... 
This is a fabulous pieced backing, don't you think? It's great to see what customers make after visiting with us and we can all learn from this lady's cunning pattern idea eh. I hope we get to see the quilt finished... I would love to give it one of our special fanfares... I bet you would too

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