Thursday, 4 August 2016

Stitching News

Just Edna is going to have her quilt/play mat finished in good time for new baby. Binding is on and a little TV watching will ensure the hand stitching is done too. Edna used one of our pre-cut packs of 30 x 6" squares, every block a different design, with lovely sashing fabric... she took a few squares out as she only needed 25, they will be used for another project.... 

"I love this fabric, what could I make with it?" That's a very popular question in my very own quilt shop, I usually respond with "A Quilt"... well, it makes me laugh!!! ha. I suggest a design, we ponder... I do the 'mathemisms' and we're good to go... I love it when the customer comes back happy and to show me how the quilt is shaping up... This is a great design,  I found the idea here  but, obviously, changed it, ever so slightly, he he he
Tuesday Rose purchased a book, Adding Layers. The pattern she chose called for 44 inch blocks, a little too large for the quilt Rose wanted to make so, once again, I mathemised and we got the blocks down to 22" each... four will make a fabulous square lap quilt... as you can see, it's coming along very nicely indeed.

Taadaaaah Gail got all of her blocks stitched into a top! It's a Sampler quilt made from the Jelly Roll Sampler book... Gail used a Jelly Roll to make it too.... With a Jelly Roll Pattern, you don't need to use your 'noggin' too much, that's just one optional option.... it's a great setting for sampler blocks, don't you think?

 I've had many requests for little fabric packs... you know the kind... already cut up so you just have to sew them together, like the Kiddy novelty squares Just Edna used (top picture)... last week I had a lot of small print fabrics arrive... so I've put together said little packs... they take blooming ages to prepare!!! 

 That's it for the pictures taken in my very own classroom and shop so far this week... The shop's been busy busy busy at the end of each class so the ladies pack up before I manage to get my camera out... I need to train them better, ha ha ha

Madam had a very smart hair cut...
She was asking me if it was time to go for a walk yet...
She's still cute at almost 15 years of age!
Some of you have met my Molly and for sure will remember her.
She's quite deaf and doesn't have good sight but she knows to the second when it is time to be taken for a walk.

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