Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stitching News

Susan finished her third quilted chair back... I told you the story already... about the triplets. So this is a little unusual, let's give a toot toot toot fanfare for a fabulous finish that we have seen before and tooted before, but it is a new project! I wonder if the mums of the twins and triplets thought the same thing when they were arriving? ha ha
Farmer Lynda was very happy to hold up her fabulous Fairy quilt top. She pieced together a lovely backing too, but there wasn't enough room to make a sandwich so that's a job for next Thursday... there's not going to be a regular class so the tables should be clear and avail-a-bubble for Lynda, just the ticket!
Beth told me that she's had a fabulous few classes and she's thrilled to bits with her new found skills. She's so pleased with her beautiful cushion that she started to cut fabrics to make another one, I suspect that won't be the last either... toot toot toot Beth.
Next up, LouLou's gifting project... With hand stitched words? Nooooo, Loulou doesn't hand stitch (not yet anyway) she did the written bits on her Juki with stitch number 9... don't they look great. It's amazing what we can do with Tear 'n' Share paper... that's what it seems to be called in these here parts! ha ha ha
This customer is having fun with her fabrics making a delightful dog quilt... for her dog! That's a good idea for your practice project isn't it... even if your pooch could see anything you didn't quite get 'spot-on' he wouldn't be able to tell you!! Not that this lady needed to worry, she's done a fabulous job so far.
Susan made most of these Mile-A-Minute and Crumb blocks after attending one of my fun workshops. 11 blocks finished and set on one side not knowing what she would do with them. Susan decided to crack on and make number 12 block... giving her enough to make this fabulous quilt top!! Didn't we do well choosing that superb sashing fabric!!!

Just as I predicted, PM Pam is almost finished with her latest project... and what a bright and happy Wow of a quilt sandwich it is... Tropical in fact! This pattern is super easy to work... I think it would be great for a beginner too... accurate cutting is needed of course but easy to piece...
So I took this Artsy Fartsy picture just because it made me smile
A, because I love Pam's quilt, pattern and beautiful Batiks (all from my very own shop!)
B, because I hung my Christmas Fabric Chain (like a paper chain but made from fabric) at the window recently and just look how absolutely fabulous it looks on Pam's project! it's also proof that the sun was shining for 5 minutes

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