Monday, 17 June 2019

Stitching News

Carol's making a cushion to match her Owl quilt sandwich... I say that because it's not actually been quilted yet. I suspect this cushion will be quilted first as a practice of possible ideas before quilting the main quilt, a cunning plan me thinks.

Norma is making speedy progress with her Half Square Triangle quilt. Each Sixteen Patch unit will be quilted  individually with a brightly coloured (Very Norma style) stripey backing.

Jean Bean cut out and stuck down another hound...
He's ready for blanket stitch applique.

Annbacan finished her fabulous, double sided scrappy quilt.
Mile-A-Minute and Crumb bits on one side....

Pieced blocks made in a plethora of colours on the other side...
Each block quilted individually in many designs then all joined together apartment-ly.
Toot toot toot Annbaan, a fabulous and finished Scrappy Quilt

Rose brought in her Heffalumps Wall Hangings for a toot toot toot fanfare.
There were three of them but one wall hanging has already been gifted. A new home will look much better with a new wall hanging... Three fabulous finishes Rose. toot toot toot

Gail made a football pitch sandwich... Doesn't it look great?? Trapunto-ed balls to boot! (see what I did there? Balls to boot!!) There is a plan for the quilting design... this quilt will not be hiding in the garage for a while, unlike the others Gail finished recently!

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