Friday, 28 June 2019

Stitching News

Sally popped into my lovely (and very well stocked shop, it has to be said!!) to choose her border fabrics for this tasty sampler quilt top... staying with the chocolate theme to keep everything neutral... Why brown makes me write chocolate I do not know, ha!

Jean Hill only purchased the pattern and the fabrics for this Tote last week and here we are giving it a fabulous and finished "toot toot toot" fanfare already... It's a Lazy Girl Pattern... Mini Miranda. Lazy Girl Patterns are super easy to follow (even I have made this particular tote, only 5 or 6 times though!!) Jean used cotton wadding.

Jean Hill also made this Miranda Tote bag, yes, two totes in one week... this time she pleased her very own self and elongated  it up and taller and used In R Form in place of her wadding... she's hooked now and, from this day forward... will always use one of the foam stabilizer if she's making a bag. The handles were taken from a no longer required handbag, thrifty!! See the little pouch with the lacey zipper... pretty and made with the leftover fabrics... more thrift! 

The inside to show you how smart the tote bag is...
 Toot toot toot, Jean Hill.

Longport Lynda was given a few fabric squares, not the best quality fabric but she decided to use them up making a tiny baby quilt... baby won't notice! Lick-etty-split it was finished and ready to be sandwiched for the quilting, the main advantage of tiny quilts me thinks, is that they are quick makes, ha!

Oooooh this is very exciting... Sporty Sue is making great progress on her 40cm wide borders. We are absolutely loving the vibrant Art Gallery Solid Fabric (AGF) Those colours together with the black and white dots in different sizes... scrumptious indeedy.

Equilateral Triangles...  Kate's latest project... Two sides of each 60 degree triangle are cut on the bias so they can be a bit stretchy, there's no way round that really, so a few Top Tips were needed to help Kate piece them successfully to keep the points 'pointy'... Top Tip number one? Use pins!! simples... ha ha ha

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