Sunday, 9 June 2019

Stitching News...

New Sue is starting us off with a fabulous and almost finished project. It's another wonderful pattern from Elizabeth Hartman. Sue has used Moda Grunge fabrics for the Bunnies, see the binding clips... Sue is saving that job for TV sewing!

Obviously the quilt has been made for gifting to Abigail... What a lucky little (grand daughter) lady she is. A fabulous, almost finished, quilt... just the hand stitching on the binding to go... with fabulous quilting! a little toot toot because this quilt won't be coming back finished.

I'm not sure there are enough colours in this project, what do you think? ha ha ha
Norma loves every single Batik Fabric that she's used,  I think every one is her favourite. Each block has been quilted before being joined...

This is the other side of Norma's amazing Batik quilt, Actually, looking at it now, this is the front of the quilt, the previous photo is the back... ooooh hard to choose which is which actually, just a bit of hand sewing to go... it's nearly finished!

Annbacan is on the home straight with her apartment joined scrappy quilt.
All the little tiny thin strips are really effective and a riot of colour.
Again, each block has been quilted individually.

Norma has only to finish stitching her binding on the Batik quilt so she decided to save that job for home and started her next quilt. Charm Pack HSTs (Half Square Triangles) She's going to make 16-Patch blocks, quilt them then join them apartmently, with sashing.

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