Saturday, 25 July 2020

Fabulous And Finished

I'll be in my shop, tidying and pottering, most days now, just between 10am and 2pm. Unless you make an appointment out of those hours, which is allowed.
It's still very much easier if you book a shopping slot as it helps me to keep us all safe!
I've been doing order and collect from a table at the door too, quite strange!
Anyway, we are all in this together so we just have to do, what we have to do... 
Because It is, what It is!! (A regular Beano Quote.)
A while ago All Day Di purchased a Moda Charm pack in the William Morris designs and made a lovely quilt with it for gifting to a very special friend. The trouble was, Di didn't find it easy to part with the quilt! I know that feeling... so, the only way around the predicament was to make a very similar, and just as lovely, quilt all for her very own self to keep... This fabulous & Finished Fanfare is for that very quilt, The Keeper! Well done Di, toot toot toot

The Elizabeth Hartman Unicorn Quilt pattern is still making people very happy... we thought the Unicorns were a phase, like many others, but it looks like they are going to be popular for the long haul.
Yet another fabulous and finished quilt, toot toot toot.

Christabelle made this cushion. I think she made it for gifting but she sent me the picture so long ago that I have forgotten all the details, shocking! (feel free to message me Chris?) Anyway, toot toot toot , it's a fabulous, free-motion quilted and finish project.

Our Carol has been busy playing... she really enjoys playing with fabric, no shock there though as we all do. Carol has made fabric books before so she had a good idea of the end result...

The Makower Alphabet panel was perfect for making the pages... Yes!!! I have more in stock if you fancy making a fabric book like Carol's. Toot toot toot , it might not be a quilt but it's still a fabulous finish.

Farmer Lynda made this cushion. Once again it is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. Lola. Very detailed instructions that can look a bit daunting, ask Lynda!!! A great success and a second cushion is already on the production line. Toot toot toot Lynda, another fabulous finish!

Rose absolutely loves Tweed fabric. She collects it while away on her travels (when she used to travel of course!!) It gets saved, I mean squirrel's it away, for special projects. Here is one special project. A beautifully made Lap Top wallet. I hope you have noticed the pattern is perfectly lined up. Toot toot toot Rose, a fabulous finish.

Poppy's Nan is the owner of this bright and beautiful quilt. She's been working on it for a good long time and was able to finish it during Lock-Down. Made with carefully selected solid fabrics from my very own shop, most are Moda Bella Solids or Pure Solids by Art Gallery Toot toot toot Janice, a stunning and fabulous.... and finished! project.

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