Thursday, 30 September 2021

A Festive Table Runner

This traditionally pieced block project is proving to be very popular. There are a few ladies making the blocks for it in their weekly class and I've been asked to teach it as a Saturday Workshop. Now you know I love to give great customer service, so I have a plan to do exactly that.
The first one will be on Saturday 6th November. 

We will make this block

This block and one more... The Wonderful, Ohio Star.
Then we will join them together with Side Setting Triangles, Half Square Triangles in the Corners, Carefully measured Border strips all round... all with top tips of course!

Then we'll make a sandwich with the backing and wadding which will need quilting

Binding will be needed too. 
It took me approximately 10 hours to get this far... 
Simple Quilting, Stitching In The Ditch (more like Ditch Hopping)

Now then... realistically, this is not achievable in one 5 hour workshop, but a lot will be accomplished. Obviously it all depends on how well you get on. 
You will be able to return for further help on a Sewing Saturday, or another weekday class if you prefer, to get it finished.
The first workshop is almost full up, but don't worry, I can schedule more.
You don't have to use Christmas fabrics either, just switch the colours and fabrics and no-one would ever know, I have one on my table during summer months that I made in 2007, with summery garden fabrics...

I'll be in my shop a bit earlier today, I have to clear a pathway through all those boxes of fabric!

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