Sunday, 12 September 2021

Stitching News

It's been quite a busy week in my classroom. Most kiddos are back at school so the ladies are free of duties and have booked their very own selves in for a bit of social stitching, like a Spa day but you keep your clothes on!

Shirley had all of her blocks finished so she started the process of joining them. Each block will have a thin orange border treatment before the sashing is added... there will be dinosaur bones! 

Jan is making traditional blocks for a table runner. There are newer and easier ways to make some of the units and  Jan's enjoying learning them, she said that, I'm not just guessing, Ha!

Fiona Too made this project at home, even the sandwich. She started the quilting in class and decided on her very own design. There are lots of ends to tie off, not her favourite job, but needs must.

Sister Susie showed us her William Morris Charm Pack quilt top. It's so lovely and bright. I didn't see any more sewing on this top so I presume it went back into the bag... for a little bit longer, he he he

Gail chose to use one of the lovely Makower animal panels for her latest baby gifting project, you can just about see the monkey fabric used for the backing, very cute! Gail started the quilting by following the printed design, perfect for a panel really.

Krafty Karen had already purchased one of my Jungle-y Six Packs, pre-lockdown! It's been waiting for a good reason to be made into a quilt. Now it's time and, after a brainstorming session, she got on with it... We all love the sashing fabric!

Princess Jackie had said that she was struggling to make her blocks... Log Cabin blocks are not really tricky but Jackie is more used to applique... absolutely stunning applique!!! This week she came to class with 90 complete blocks, something must have clicked! The joining has commenced...

Dora finished her 3D Teddy Quilt and said that she had enjoyed hand stitching the binding. This lovely little cutie will be gifted very soon, there's a new baby coming in the near future. Can we toot a fanfare for an almost finished quilt? Of course we can because I know it is now finished.
And as if by magic... here is the finished 3D Teddy Quilt.
Toot toot toot for your fabulous and finished, and rather splendid gifting quilt Dora.

This quilt is another of Dora's. Two babies on their way were announced at the very same time so Dora had to get a shift on. Toot toot toot for a rather fabulous gifting quilt. You can't beat a rainbow for a new baby when you don't know what colour it's going to be. Or a yellow Teddy Quilt that is, ha!

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