Monday, 13 September 2021

Sandwich Making

 In my shop I have always offered this service. It can be tricky to make your quilt sandwiches on the floor, and yes I know lots of us do it... getting up after all the pinning can be entertaining!!
This last Saturday we made two sandwiches...

Lady Lidl, Di made her Woodland sandwich. Carefully teasing out any slight hic-cups, which is quite normal really (plus an odd unstitched seam!) and pondering how she will quilt it as she pinned. The decision was made and Di almost skipped out of the shop with excitement.

Jean Bean's sandwich. This is going to be quilted with great excitement too. Beano chose all the thread colours to match the top fabrics as close as possible... she's going to match the bobbin thread too so the quilting will show up the same design on the black backing, exciting stuff!!

What is a Sandwich Day?
It's a day when I can push my tables together in the classroom so that you can pin (sandwich) the 3 layers of your quilt, no matter how large or small it is, without having to crawl around on the floor and without having to spoil your best dining table with pin and tape marks!
I try to keep time slots between 10am and 2pm but if we need more time, I book more time!
£10.00 per sandwich pus your wadding, booking is required.
You can also use the tables to lay out the blocks you've made to decide on settings, or to see how many more blocks you need or... even better... I can help you choose fabrics!

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