Saturday 28 March 2009

Hand Dye Workshop

With beautiful sunshine and a light breeze making it a perfect day to enjoy a Hand Dye Workshop. Helen, Irene and Amalia had a fun day.

These are some of Helen's fabrics, she chose turquoise, fusia red and golden yellow as her base colours.
The front two rows are Irene's, she chose a more muted palate.
Amalia chose the brightest base colours, not many of her fabrics are left on row 3 & 4 as she had already started to pack them away.... but they were bright!

Three happy ladies, with aching backs.... if you click on the picture and enlarge Irene (middle) you will see that we have a new blue lady! She dropped one of the blue dye pots and it covered her from head to foot... and it doesn't wash off for days! Blue arms, blue chest, neck and boobs, blue stripes on her face and neck and blue feet.... oh it was very funny!

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