Thursday 19 March 2009

Quilt Cave

Garen brought in her hand dyed fabrics from the workshop on Sunday
Ana also brought hers, she started with different base colours so her rainbow is a little different...
but look at this one.... done by putting 2 layers of colour in the same pot at different times... I think this is my favourite piece....
Sally brought in her 'quilt as you go' thing from last class last week, this is one side
and this is the other. She used very ugly fabrics as this was just to practice the method.

Ursula quilted palm trees all over one of the charity quilts....

Therese finished the applique eggs, bow and basket handle on her Easter Bunny then added the borders.

I did another demonstration of curved piecing... afterwards everyone made templates to try their own curves...

Sally found a few more 'ugly' fabrics and soon whipped up this block. She liked the method without pins.

Blue Lady (Rosalia) is ahead of the game, she actually quilted her Easter Bunny today!
Garen was showing Arabela how to embroider the petal stitch....

Arabela finished all the blocks for her 2 Log Cabin quilts.... she will use this design for both of them.

Amalia got a lot done today , it's a dead give away that she was a teacher all her life, look how 'proper' she sits in the teacher chair! he he he

She was working on this Kaffe Fassett design again today, by the time she left at the end of the day, more borders had been added, it's looking very good.

16 completely finished charity quilts. We have two more that need a bit of work on the binding and 5 more need some extra quilting... but we are coming to the end of our charity stitching now as the fabric box is almost empty, thank goodness!

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