Wednesday 11 March 2009

Quilt Class

Susana finished quilting her Chic Rail Fence table runner, made the binding and stitched it on. The hand stitching will be done at home and project number two has been planned and will be started on Saturday.
Rita is making a table runner base on the "Quick Table Topper" pattern. Rita used a pieced block for the centre in place of a plain square of fabric, it's looking good eh!
Maria, (is not french at all, she's actually from Bulgaria, shows what I know about accents doesn't it, tee hee...) anyway, she too has almost finished the top of her table runner, she will start quilting it next week and has already planned her next project.
Amalia came today, this is her tin of part pieced blocks, some of us like it tidy, some of us don't see the problem... he he he bless her! It makes me smile anyway. We have such extremes in these quilt groups.

In this picture, Adelaide is pinning 8 layers of Chita fabric, it's a very old Portuguese design and it's a bit difficult to work with as it's quite thick, but it is 100 % cotton, more kaleidoscope blocks coming up.....

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