Friday, 14 September 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Jean Bean made her beautiful and bright quilt sandwich... she's been doodling on paper, getting ready for free motion quilting... what a fabulous design she invented.

Chris The Foot really enjoys making the Split 4-Patch blocks. This time she's using a Charm pack, no points for guessing where she bought it from, he he he, it's looking great eh!

Chris The Foot again... she finished and sandwiched this baby play mat (quilt) It's going to be simply and quickly quilted and finished as baby already arrived...

Shirley Lerly's quilt is almost as big as the Caverswall Village Hall stage! She has a few blocks left over so there will be a beautiful pieced backing to perfectly complement the top... sandwiching next week might need 10 tables, he he

Posh Lizi finished all of the quilting she could do with the three sections of her beautiful Log Cabin quilt... time to start joining them together... not as easy as it looks when the top design needs to be so very accurate... seams to match up each and every inch of the way... she wasn't smiling like she usually does.

Rosey joined us for her very first time, she came to see what was going on after seeing Charlotte's beautiful Bad Scarf last week... She purchased a very convenient Charm Pack from the much smaller "Table Top Shop" with wadding still there on the side. Rosey was getting her borders ready by the end of the day!
A rushed post is better than no post isn't it?

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