Sunday, 9 September 2012

Saturday's Workshop

I started the the ladies off at the end of the workshop... going backwards actually, he he he. I thought it was best to make up the Christmas Tree frame work first of all as the paper pieced baubles can take several hours... I thought it wouldn't have been good to send folk home with little clue how to continue. As you see here with the outlines pinned to some wadding, it was easy to see how the whole tree would come together.

After a short paper piecing demonstration, full of top tips, not all mine... production started on the baubles. Paper piecing can be a little tricky at first but they soon got the hang of it. There are 5 different designs and two of each are needed. Most ladies completed at least 2 baubles and some did 3.

I happen to know that some have been bauble-ing all day today, after a few extra hours last evening... will we see completed trees sooner than expected?

The workshop was a success so I have advertised a second one for Saturday 20th October, let me know if you want to participate won't you?

This is the Tree I started to make... to show the ladies 'how to' ... you know... for those moments when I needed to say
"Here's one I made earlier"
I did make a few extra baubles this afternoon... only 4 to go. Can you spot the mistake I made, accidently on purpose?

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Sheilaf said...

Love your Christmas Tree. I wish I could attend your workshop for it, but I live in Florida now and it is a long way to come. Keep up the good work.