Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Monday Stitching

Pm Pam finished making all 60 of her 12" blocks and started to add the sashing. It will be 2" wide with corner stones, obviously they will also be 2". This large quilt will be quilted in two halves and joined together afterwards.

Penelope Baskerville arrived with the biggest smile ever!!! She has a brand new sewing machine all for her very own self and boy is she ever excited about it, a surprise gift from a family member... "and it's purple" she declared, he he he... wonderful...  these are Penny's Friendship Star blocks, coming along a treat.

Morning Judith didn't bring her sewing machine to class... she was on a mission to get quilts made into sandwiches, two baby play mat type quilts. Now she has a pile of PHD's (Projects Half Done) all in the 'need to be quilted' queue, they won't be there for long though.

Afternoon Judith came for the whole day, she's decided to get back to making up her Stack-n-Whack kaleidoscope blocks that she started at the workshop several weeks ago. Beautiful and bright fabrics that just make you smile as you sew... well, they make me smile as Judith sews, ha ha ha
More new fabrics have arrived in my very own quilt shop. A large book order also arrived safely, delivered by a rather jolly delivery guy... if delivery guys appear whilst we are in the midst of a class they always leave with a big smile... they must think we're all crackers as we swarm around each cardboard box to see what came!!

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