Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Monday's Update

Brenda Barbara's making a table set ready for the festive season... (not sure why she's making blurred quilts though he he he... oh .. that was me) These blocks will be joined together with a very clever method to make a table centre, I'll show you next time.

PM Pam added borders and made her Christmas Tree sandwich, what great border fabric eh! No points for guessing where that came from! She spent the day quilting this lovely quilt. It's fun doing a small project, especially when you have a huge one waiting! he he he

Longport Lynda, what a card she is, I defy anyone not to be laughing in her presence. This quilt design is now called Rail Tracks, Lynda loves it, and no wonder!  The background shows one of the walls in My Very Own Classroom, it looks bigger than it actually s really.

Longport Lynda attended one of the Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope workshops recently.  Her fabric was a little challenging as it is curtain fabric, a little thick for getting the pointy points... she did a great job, two more borders to go! actually.. I think there might be another round....

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