Sunday, 26 May 2013

Oh Christmas Tree Workshop

On a most beautiful, summery, warm day with bluest of blue skies, we kicked off with the first in the series of the "Is It Too Early To Start?' workshops. 'Oh Christmas Tree' is a workshop done backwards... we start with the end then go back to the beginning... It's a traditionally pieced tree with Paper Pieced (foundation pieced) baubles... At first Paper Piecing can seem tricky, some folk get it instantly and for others it takes a while to click, but they all look lovely in the end. We'll see the progress as it happens.
One great thing about a workshop in Angie's Very Own Patchwork & Quilting Shop Classroom (in my most very humble opinion!! he he he) is that we will be there to help you after the workshop day, you can book for a class to get a little extra help any time there's space!

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